Ontario educator & retiring superintendent says Ford gov't knows it's 'experimenting' with education

Toni Pinelli

In mid-March, when Minister Lecce was speaking via teleconference to ALL Directors and Superintendents in Ontario - he stated that we were embarking on the “greatest educational experiment ever in history."

WOW!! I knew right there that this was more than a virus. I have been in education for 41 years (10 as superintendent) and listened to a great deal of political ideologies and bad initiatives - but “experimenting” with over 2 million children/youth has never been part of anyone’s agenda.

As meetings started to evolve, I knew that I no longer wanted to be part of this propaganda. My retirement is at the end of the month. There is a great deal of inconsistency from one board to another. They have managed to mandate masks for children from Grades 4 to 12. Children will need to be social distanced. Student will be taught by only one teacher - rotary with specialized teachers in elementary is not possible. Need to control the contacts.

We have wasted billions of tax dollars to implement Full Day Kindergarten, while many parents are going to opt out because they do not want their small children placed in isolation circles. I do not blame them - children need to play and be FREE. Again millions of dollars for 21st Century Learning skills; collaboration, creativity, etc., all gone. Research that has shown that teacher centred learning is not engaging for student learning, but we are going backwards on this. Students will be provided lessons remotely or in a classroom (with social distancing) going back to work sheets, sit in the desk and rot learning. Furthermore, parents have the option of not sending their children to school in all grades. Many parents do not have the ability to ensure that the child is completing the school work properly. So much for literacy, numeracy, healthy and well socialized children. Are we accepting that children are to sit in front of a computer screen for 5 hours? Anyone that has worked with children knows that this is not possible or healthy. It is no wonder that schools need mental health support and Big Pharma to medicate the next generation.

There are so many areas that need to be challenged. Bill 195 is far reaching and will have profound impacts on all students in this province. No one in education was consulted on the destreaming of Grade 9 (already was a failure with Bob Rae in the 90s) and allowing non-educators to be appointed as Directors. The Ford government, with Minister Lecce are going to destroy the high quality educational system in Ontario.

One final area is the preventive science and research that is no longer part of the narrative. What happened to exercising, going outdoors for vitamin D, the natural immune system?? The CBC and all mainstream media do not present anything about the preventive pieces - only stay indoors and immunization. What should people do to prevent and get better? All of what has been researched and taught is no longer valid. All alternative doctors/ therapies have been mandated by their colleges that they can NO longer discuss anything regarding wellness or immunity. Everyone is presumed sick and needs to go get a test that does not isolate any virus. Did you ever stop and think why the nose? Why not inside the mouth? If the virus is real and not DNA particles, would it not show up in the mouth mucus?? I am passionate about fighting for our freedoms and educating others. Canada is a great country and those of us that are awake must fight for the others that cannot.

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