Westbound closure of King William Street from Bridge to Chaffey through Thanksgiving weekend

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

HUNTSVILLE - The district of Muskoka has provided a King William construction update for the upcoming Thanksgiving long weekend.

The following is a full statement from the district.

“Huntsville’s King William Street is under construction and because of this, you will encounter interruptions and delays, especially during peak travel times. The digging, the dirt, the delays – it’s all temporary, and your patience is appreciated during these infrastructure upgrades.

The good news is, the King William Street road improvement project is on schedule to meet the targeted 2020 completion date - however, we need to make some changes to our traffic control plan to ensure we stay on schedule.

The last couple of weeks have been productive with satisfactory weather, offering JB Enterprises the opportunity to install the storm and sanitary mains to the east of Church Street and closer to the intersection at Fairy / Chaffey Street. Additionally, a new structure has been placed to allow for the servicing connection of Canvas Brewery.

JB is continuing to replace the Main Street forcemain within the excavation along the south side of King William. A significant amount of rock has been discovered along the alignment of the storm sewer, mid-block between Church and Fairy Streets and blasting will be required to expedite the installation of the storm system. Both the District and JB are currently researching low explosive methods to further reduce construction noise and interference with day to day business in the area.

Next on the schedule is to complete work the south side, installation of sub-drains and placement of granulars from the Muskoka River bridge to Church Street. One of the two Tim Hortons strip mall entrances will be closed as work progresses to the east and will be reopened prior to the closure of the other. Addressing Pedestrian Concerns:

There have been some feedback from pedestrians crossing the King William intersection from the Fairy Street side. JB Enterprises has recognized this - and has remedied the concerns by setting a temporary pedestrian push button adjacent to the sidewalk.

This will be closely monitored to ensure pedestrians can cross King William safely at the intersection.

Traffic Control Change – Single Lane:

To try and make up for some recent project delays due to underground utility conflicts and additional rock volumes, there have been changes made to the Traffic Plan to accommodate this.

In addition to this, JB is mobilizing additional personnel to the site for the remainder of the fall.

King William Street from the bridge to Chaffey / Fairy will be closed to westbound traffic for the remainder of this week and during the Thanksgiving long weekend, as well as next week, in an effort to expedite some of the required work to stay on schedule.

Eastbound traffic is being routed through the construction area in a single lane as work continues throughout the week to facilitate work at John Street.

Westbound King William Street traffic will be detoured onto Cann Street to Chaffey and north to Center Street for access to the downtown area.

There will be no turns or access to the downtown via John Street. Local traffic from the west will have access to businesses by using Cann Street, eastbound traffic will use King William Street.

The intersection at King William / John Street and Church Street will remain closed over the weekend and will reopen as work progresses through this area.

Members of the public are asked to do their part to keep workers and other travelers safe. When approaching all construction zones, motorists are asked to:

· Slow down and proceed with caution;

· Watch for construction crews;

· Watch for pedestrians;

· Pay attention to all signs – normal speed limits will be reduced and traffic lanes may have changed;

· Follow the posted detour route;

· Be patient and expect delays;

· Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and construction workers, equipment and traffic barriers.

While King William Street is under construction, the District, in partnership with the Town of Huntsville will closely monitor, communicate and are always looking at ways to minimize impacts on our Huntsville community, while maintaining the schedule to meet project deadlines.

Thank you for your patience during these infrastructure upgrades.”

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