Why citizen journalism and boots on the ground are vital to community

Agatha Farmer 

MUSKOKA - Citizen journalism is more relevant now than ever. Speak out and add your voice to the democratic collective. 

Over the last few decades communities have taken a hit in connection. With the shrinking church attendance the “it takes a village” way of life has been eroding.

But we are still human beings who not only thrive on connection but who occasionally need help from our fellow co-habitants of this planet.  So if we can’t make everyone believers again maybe we can try the new religion of technology, and as multiple social media platforms have proven over a decade, technology has been a social connecting force. Muskoka Post’s plan is to accomplish this connection locally.

Sharing ideas, information, and opinions introduces a constructive debate platform. You should be able to be a full participant in your community and not just a bystander. Write as a community, and while you won’t always agree with the view or opinions of others you will have a voice.

In addition to our news coverage we want coverage from the residents who know their backyards best. Those who want issues addressed but don’t know where to begin. Sit and write, press send. It’s an old fashion way of getting your message across to your community.

All residents, full time, part- time, seasonal, - and by the way if you pay taxes on a property to any municipality in and to the district of Muskoka, you’re a local resident, so let’s end this debate here on this forum - should have a collective community voice regardless of their stance on local issue.

Send in your news Muskoka residents and Muskoka Post will curate your content into this grass roots community publication. Be your own news mediums.

The content rules are very simple; Muskoka Post will not accept belligerent, insulting, hateful, defaming content contributions or contributors. So write authentically and from a critical and analytical view. Write the news as if you were the editor.

Your articles, opinions will be shared to our muskokapost.com website and our social media platforms. We just got started but we are adding dozens of local subscribers daily and growing our social media network by the day. No registration or subscription is required to access and read our community content. Click, Read and stay up to date on your news. 

Send your questions, concerns, story ideas, cross-promotional marketing ideas to afarmer@muskokapost.com. 

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