Why this Toronto second hand designer brand retailer - JustThrift.com - is booming during Covid-19

JustThrift.com manager@justthrift.com

Love perusing the racks for luxury designer vintage finds at secondhand stores? Who doesn't! In the times of Covid-19 this favourite past time and hobby of many has been greatly limited.

With innovation and creativity, however, enters JustThrift.com! It’s a new Internet shopping sensation inspired by a dynamic luxury designer thrift store in the heart of Toronto. You can now experience Toronto shopping from anywhere without having to take the trip while social distancing in the comfort of your own home.

JustThrift.com goal is to give back to the environment and their customers. After five years in the second hand retail industry JustThrift.com is thriving with repeat business.

When the pandemic hit, sales for JustThrift.com surged, and while so many other companies have been scaling down during this crisis, they had to go on a hiring spree to keep up with demand. The Just Thrift store is currently in the process of increasing production further and shoppers will soon be delighted to see much higher quantities of items available and posted daily. This frequent change of inventory creates another dynamic level of excitement for the online shopper.

The web store staff expertly curate the inventory to bring shoppers only the best brand names in the best condition.

JustThrift.com's success behind the increase in online orders is also due to their affordable shipping rates.

"As we expand to the online market, we are happy to serve the rest of North America. A Canadian based company with aspirations of changing the world from expensive and time intensive, to thrifty and more time for family." - JustThrift.com

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