Wine Excellence has a new experience for wine lovers as it relocates to Huntsville's Train Station

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Wine enthusiasts in Muskoka have a new experience to look forward to in the coming weeks. Wine Excellence will be relocating in mid-May, from their King William street location to the historic Huntsville train station building at 26 Station Road.

Wine Excellence is a full-service, professional, on-premise winery.  Owners Jennifer Jerrett and Brent Finn help customers craft wine that reflects their particular tastes and preferences. Customers choose to bottle their own wine for a variety of reasons, whether for a special event, convenience, environmental concerns (all bottles are reused), for cost-savings, or the sheer joy of the journey.

“Whether customers are looking for an educational and social experience, or would prefer us to take the lead, we can customize their experience as much we can customizes the wine that’s crafted for them,” said Jerrett.

The couple is excited to see how the iconic building, with views of Hunters Bay, will further enhance the customer experience.

“We love the historic feel of the space. Winemaking has a rich tradition and history, so it’s fitting for us to be in one of the town’s oldest and most beautiful buildings. We think this ambiance will elevate the customer experience as well," said Jerrett.

The Huntsville Train station was built in 1924 and was designated a heritage railway station in 1993. The new tenants want to make the bright and open-concept space dynamic and community focused. With 12-foot ceilings, the walls are the perfect space to showcase the work of local artists. Jennifer and Brent are also working closely with the Huntsville Train Society to ensure that the building’s past is reflected in its new identity. The organization is lending Wine Excellence artifacts that are nearly a century old to display in the winery.

From a practical perspective, the couple says that the new location will also make logistics simpler for their clientele with easier access to Main Street, more parking, and room to grow. There will be no interruption to their wine production during the transition. Wine Excellence continues to welcome new customers. They are offering contact-free consultations, bottling, and pick-up, all in accordance with current health and Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario guidelines.

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