Winnipeg member of parliament tables motion for permanent basic income in Canada

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Winnipeg MP Leah Gazan tabled a motion in the House of Commons to convert CERB into a permanent guaranteed liveable basic income.

“COVID-19 has demonstrated that we do have the resources. We must ensure all individuals in Canada can thrive in dignity and that means making investments to ensure basic human rights for all,” she said.

Gazan has been working in collaboration with Basic Income Manitoba and the Basic Income Canada Network on the motion.

“Canada’s income security system has always contained many gaps, inequalities and inefficiencies, which have been worsened by the pandemic. A guaranteed livable basic income would solve these deficiencies and increase the sense of security and well-being of all who live in Canada,” said Sid Frankel, Basic Income Manitoba board member.

CERB and a $45-billion wage-subsidy program are set to expire in October.

The parliamentary budget officer said last month that providing almost all Canadians with a basic income for 6 months beginning this fall could cost about $98 billion.

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