You asked, We answered: Are Muskoka schools secure during CUPE strike?

Our Reader Asks;

Are school security systems being bypassed at Muskoka schools during the CUPE strike?

Trillium Lakelands District School Board answers:

”A small number of our schools have a locked door camera security system where a visitor needs to push a buzzer before they are permitted into the school. Not operating the buzzer system is part of the current CUPE job action.

This leaves the administrator(s) of the building to operate the buzzer. Some schools with these systems are able to keep the system operating and have a notice posted indicating it may take additional time before anyone is able to let them into the building.

Other schools have determined they are not able to maintain the safe operation of the school and at the same time be available to operate the door buzzer.

Schools have made their school communities aware if they are unable to maintain a locked door system during the school day during this current situation.“


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