You Asked, We Answered - Who cleans school washrooms during CUPE Job Action?

Our Reader asks:

“I was with a parent when she received a call from the school her child attends regarding the strike by support staff, custodians etc. The call announced how the school will be open but without the support staff - so I know this a really basic question- but who cleans the washrooms?”

Catherine Shedden, Trillium Lakelands District School Board communications director, answers:

“Cleaning washrooms is not one of the items in the work to rule instructions from CUPE.

TLDSB principals have sent the following message home with student.

This is an important message from Trillium Lakelands District School Board. Yesterday the Canadian Union of Public Employees or CUPE confirmed that job action will begin across the province on Monday, September 30th. Our schools will remain open to staff and students during this CUPE job action. In TLDSB CUPE members include secretaries, clerks, technicians, custodial and maintenance staff, and educational assistants. We appreciate that timely communication is important to you, and we commit to providing you with additional details on the CUPE job action as soon as we can.  Thank you"

Muskoka Post confirmed with the school board that school washrooms will be cleaned.

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