School Fundraising Burn Out😏 Is Paper Pushing to Blame?

November 9, 2017


I noticed this morning that my kitchen counter is covered by school fundraisers. My son is encouraged to order scholastics like it's a regular monthly payment. Then there is school merchandise with a hoodie being sold for a cool $30. Christmas is just around the corner so of course wreaths must be purchased. No big deal and all unless you're trying to pay mortgage, bills as well as outfit and feed your children while they attend school. 

I'm not saying that fundraising isn't important, however are we really in such bad shape as a province that our tax funds no longer provide for schools accordingly. Judging by my kitchen counter and the fact that one school has numerous fundraisers during the span of one month at the same time signals that our current provincial education budget is not sufficient. 

In a recent Star article it was noted that
"The Liberal government has poured billions more into education, now spending $23 billion, or $12,107 per student, when adjusted for inflation.
Ontario now ranks fifth in Canada in per-student spending.
The report, however, notes much of the additional money has been spent on class size reductions, and full-day kindergarten."

I'm honestly baffled that I'm looking at all these forms while the funding per student has been increasing every year. I know this can be a touchy topic but I firmly believe that perhaps the bureaucracy of the school boards is the problem within the funding formula.
The bottom line for parents here becomes that some of us will have to break little Johnnies spirit because he can't participate in both scholastics and the book fair. Because as great and important as fundraising is most of us simply can't participate in it all.  

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