Social Media isn't Always Social. Why we changed our Facebook Platform.

November 28, 2017

It's noon and I've plopped down in front of the computer for the last 2 hours finishing changes to the MM&B Facebook page. I think I'll tell you guys a little bit why I changed the platform and the content level on the incoming more as opposed to outgoing material. 

I'm a blogger/writer by nature which means that when I want to discuss or express about an experience, idea or issue that's crawling around in my head I do it in a bloggers way and ask questions to involve my audience. I have realized that the downfall of that in a group is that not everyone is willing to have a constructive even if theory driven discussion/debate. There are people who are more fulfilled by writing unwarranted insults or opinions which sometimes completely veer off the intended topic.

I'm not afraid to post my opinion and neither should you be But openly attacking folks from behind a computer is not the correct way to get your opinion across. If you know one (even just for comedic relief) I encourage you to have a conversation with any Facebook group admin or moderator and they will have stories upon stories of grown ass adults behaving in a way that would put 5 year olds to shame. 

While I completely support feedback I don't tolerate bullying. 

Making the switch from a group to a page will hopefully allow better access to community content as well as our Muskoka Mommies & Boutique website. Please feel free to contact me at any time if there are any issues with the content on the website or our Facebook page. 



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