A monthly bloody business; Diva cup convert.

April 1, 2018

I truly admire the women who bleed freely. I know, I very well could be overly hippie on this.  I didn’t say I would, I halt the line at barefoot walking in the snow and ditching the bra even while in public; Gasp! There is enough in that last sentence for some to assume a certain amount of crazy lies within.  


But bleeding freely? Umm, maybe and only if those absorbing underwear I’ve seen advertised work for my two heaviest days. And they truly must absorb everything including those disgusting clumps. Although that said, I exude the feminine badassness of free bleeding towards the end of my cycle. 


When this horrible monthly process of my uterall wall literally shedding tissue and blood began like most just barely teen girls; it started with pads. And in the early 90’s, Always was just storyboarding ‘wings, thin, and always have a happy period.’  


I was left looking for comfort if I had to live through this monthly. I eventually stumbled on tampons. I used them almost exclusively with the exception of following the birth of my two kids and until I discovered cups. The sad part is that I figured I would give them a try but didn’t want to spend the money on the Diva brand in case I didn’t like scooping out my own bodily fluids from my vjayjay. 


Turns out I didn’t and that brand I purchased was flimsy and you can imagine the rest. I went back to my faithful tampons. 


A couple of years passed and I was still on the hunt for alternatives, seriously it’s 2018 you would think product evolution for something women use monthly would be more aggressive. 


When I began using tampons I was terrified of toxic shock. Eventually that passed but tampons even though the more comfortable option in my opinion, still did not ‘satisfy’ the environmentalist in me and when I used them I felt uncomfortable and bloated.  


I use to purchase the organic cotton kind, the old school kind but in the 2000’s they are organic and cost $10 a pack. This became a little pricey so I sacrificed my innards and purchased the shoppers kind to later find out that it’s entirely possible synthetics within tampons cause cancer. 

Which brings me to why I admire women who have enough balls to bleed freely. It’s a completely natural part of our biology. Is it pretty? Hell no. Is childbirth pretty? Hell no but we say it’s beautiful to watch a woman give birth because it’s such a natural incredible process. And so is menstruation in women. We didn’t opt into this program it was graciously bestowed upon us like an albatross. But I digress. 


Recently, I decided to dish out the $40 and get the Diva. I figured I’m gonna give this cup thing one more go. This time with the real deal. I locked myself in the toilet with my new blood cup, brushed up on instertion techniques and the experiment began once again. 


Ladies if you know your body well you can feel blood moving down on the heaviest of days. And we understand that a bathroom trip is imminent. But not when you have a cup there to catch it all. I panicked at first and made sure my undies were non leaked upon and my god they were not!! Hallelujah! Emptying it is an entire other story. But I mean the entire process is already gross what’s a cup of blood splashing into the toilet. TMI? Sorry. 


I’m sticking with the holy grail of period control. My new blood cup saves money and the environment and the headache of never again being caught with a full tampon and no where to go or way too far to walk for it to hold it all. 


My periods aren’t easy or light and I’m now a converted Diva wearing goddess. 



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