Fun Fact: Beginnings of the deeply entrenched Muskoka cottage tradition

September 22, 2019



Muskoka Post’s fun fact of the day comes courtesy of a Waterloo thesis by Geoffrey Shifflett titled - The Evolving Muskoka Vacation Experience 1860-1945. 


In his thesis Shifflett writes that the tradition of spending summers in cottage country surrounded by pristine lakes became popular following industrialization. The birth of Muskoka’s resorts and tourism was made possible thanks to improved transportation methods. 


“By the mid-nineteenth century, the wealth created by industrialization resulted in a considerable increase in leisure time for the nation’s well- to-do elites, facilitating the beginning of pleasure travel and the growth of the early summer resorts.  These summer resorts came about as a direct result of the improved means of transportation associated with industrialization and their adoption by fashionable people with increased discretionary time.”  

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